Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wet sweet fluffy snack

So I bought Kozy Shack Smart Gels and they're gross, I don't recommend them at all. But I didn't want them to go to waste so here is how I used one up:

1 Jell-O cup + 1 Kozy cup (both cut up a bit) +

2 1/2 servings lite whipped topping (1 or 2 servings would have been enough) =

70 Calorie refreshing snack.



Sunday, May 22, 2011


i got some blood work done, apparently my thyroid levels are high, which means its underactive. this could explain why i havent really lost weight in the last 3 weeks. its supposedly normal with pregnancy for the thyroid to get messed up. the numbers were high on a previous check up a couple years back, but then normal after that, so i dont know, not sure if its the kind of thing that comes and goes or if it is just thanks to pregnancy hormones this time. my dr wants to start meds, I need to do some research on this, but i think i will likely go with the meds, because it could help me lose weight, and lower my cholesterol which is also high.

weekend at the coast, plan for this week.

We were on vacation this weekend. I told myself i wouldnt worry too much, but not forget that i need to eat healthier.

I didnt order anything but water to drink and we only went out to eat for 2 meals each day.

Friday, before we left was my grandma's funeral, there was food there and i couldnt eat the salad because it was covered in cheese and creamy dressing, I had 2 mini sandwiches which had ham and mayo,since i removed the cheese. I had a little potato salad a few carrot sticks. I did have like 6 little cookies. ugh. and punch instead of water. it wasnt even good punch.
for dinner, we went to a seafood buffet, i had a big salad and fruit and a few peices of each fish. many of it was fried though. luckily i couldnt have the pasta, chowder, or mashed potatoes/gravy.
Saturday morning I had eggs benedict, with buckwheat pancakes and fruit. I shouldnt have had the hollendaise sauce, it ended up bugging Ellie that night. and hollendais sauce is butter and egg yolk. one of the worst sauces i am sure. i didnt finish my pancakes because i was full.
for dinner, I ordered prime rib. I did carefully cut the meat away from the fat. I had salad instead of chowder, but i should have had veggies instead of fries, I thought the fries would be easier to eat one handed if i had to hold Ellie. That logic didnt make sense with the prime rib. Just try cutting meat 1 handed. I had salad with dinner too.
Sunday Morning, I had a couple strawberries and some trail mix to hold me over until lunch. I ordered a trio of cold seafood sliders and a side salad, instead of chowder. do not praise me for the healthy subsititute, i cant have chowder. The sandwiches were really yummy.
when we got home, i was tired and worn out. i had peanut butter on a whole wheat tortilla and a little handful of chocolate chips. for dinner, we had chicken meatballs and tator tots. because it was easy. then i had an apple.

We didnt stop by the candy store as we usually do. We didnt stop an stock up on pepperoni sticks from the factory store as i had planned, they have been a really common snack for me, easy and yummy and portion controlled, but theyre fatty and i was thinking of the high cholersterol thing. The only convience store food I got was a bag of trail mix and 1 pepperoni stick, which i shared about 1/3 of with Annie, our bull dog. I tried to drink more water and took my vitamins most of the time i was supposed to. I ended up with a pretty nasty migraine headache on saturday so I did get a pepsi from the vending machine for the caffeine but didnt even drink it all.

tomorrow, I will eat healthy and plan out some healthy meals with what we have on hand. which isnt much, we havent been grocery shopping lately. actually we have plenty of food, in the freezer, stuff that take energy to make. which is a stupid excuse because the easy dinner we had tonight was from the freezer and i chose it because it was easy.

I have grilled chicken strips, fully cooked beef strips, salmon burgers, chicken and turkey meatballs, all kinds of veggies to steam, frozen fruit for smoothies (which i have been meaning to try with rice milk) I have some whole wheat pasta and tortillas and brown rice.

as for exercise, Ellie was in her car seat and stroller a lot more than usual this weekend, she was in the Moby part of the time, but not as much as usual, so tomorrow, we go for a moby walk.

High Cholesterol

I came across a letter from my dr from like 2009 sometime and it'd said my cholesterol was high and blah blah blah. My dr didn't want to put me on meds while I was in my childbearing years. So just suggested diet and exercise.

Since then I beared a child and lost a little weight, thanks Ellie.

I thought I aughta get checked again. Especially seeing is how my medical coverage was approved past the 2 months postpartum. thank you insurance gods and tax payers!

Well, as suspected, my cholesterol is high. Dr wants me on meds. The same dr as the letter. I'm still in my childbearing years though??. I also have an underactive thyroid apparently. More on that later.

The meds she rxs that are supposedly safe for breastfeeding, aren't covered by my insurance. Another one is safe for BFing but not for pregnancy. I'm not concerned with pregnancy as I'm on reliable bc but I'm thinking, how safe can it be for BFing if not safe for pregnancy?

I open up google.

Apparently Fenugreek, an herb used to help with milk production, has been studied to help with high cholesterol. Hmm. It can result in baby being misdiagnosed with Maple Syrup Urine Disease though... no joke...

Further research teaches me that it's common for pregnant and lactating moms to see an increase in cholesterol. Cholesterol is pretty important for babies. One article actually suggest not even testing cholesterol while lactating.

Some drs are dumb. Some suggest weaning so mom can start meds. I haven't told my dr yet that im not going to take the cholesterol meds. I'm young, dont drink or smoke, I'm overweight but working on it. I have family hustory though. Breastfeeding has been shown to lower mom and baby's risk of so many ailments including heart disease. I'll call her tomorrow.

A friend of mine is TTC and has high cholesterol. She told me her Dr RXed fish oil. Studies show fish oil + diet and exercise lower cholesterol better than meds alone.

Sounds like a good plan to me. Fish oil is recommended for nursing moms for the omega-3 fats anyway.

I already take fish oil supplements, but I'm going to research further on how much I should/could take.

Fixing my thyroid might help lower the cholesterol too, even if by helping me lower my weight which in turn will lower cholesterol.

I might take the fenugreek too, and pump more often. I have a slight fear of being unable to nurse and not being able to pump. I want to have a decent supply in the freezer for if and when Ellie will need a bottle.

Hasn't happened yet, but it might.

When my father-in-law had a triple bypass, we tiook a mini nutrition class on a heart healthy Mediterranean diet. Mostly veggies. Fruit. Fish and other lean meats, whole grains occasionally. I'll be getting the hand-out out of the file box and taking it shopping with us.

I like healthy foods. I just like the unhealthy stuff too.