Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm back

I've been doing it again. Deciding to get serious about improving my health and starting my day doing as planned and then ending my day having pigged out on something and trying not to feel bad.

That's ok, realizing I need to change and starting the day well is better than I've done before.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Here's the tentative plan.

Take morning vitamins. Fill nighttime water cup.
Bfast Raisin bran with rice milk and almonds to make 350 calories.

Snack, empty water cup and refill 150 cals

Lunch. Take noon vitamins Tuna salad with lite mw on double fiber whole wheat English muffin, garden salad with sugar snap peas, carrots and raisins, lemon juice and a tiny bit of dressing. Finish water cup, refill 350 calories

Turkey meatballs, whole grain pasta and Red sauce. Garden salad with evoo and Italian seasonings. 16oz ice water with 4oz some grapefruit juice. Calculate calories and add whole grain to make 700 cal Snack ideas: plums and cashews to make 150 calories.
Applesauce and chocolate Graham crackers with pb to make 150
Hard boiled ew with lemon pepper, 6 slices lunch meat, fruit crisps. 150 cal

take bedtime vitamins, refill water cup.
also might, actually probably since Mikey will be outta town wed-sat, have dinner with the in-laws which is great because Connie always makes a balanced meal.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll take Ellie for a walk in moby around the property for 20 mins, upset or not.