Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 1 (again)

Today is titled: "How to come in under calorie goal while eating the same foods as before "

I weighed basically everything. Measured most the rest. 

Rather than dirty cups and spoons I weigh most things with a handy dandy kitchen scale to get portions. 

Cereal milk lunch meat chips coffee creamer trail mix salsa and chili (I even brought my kitchen scale to the football party in our shop to weigh the party food I ate.) 

Usually I make a large pile of nachos with lots of nacho cheese and shredded cheese and chili and whatever else looks good. Then later I would have a chili dog and whatever brownies cookies etc and soda or fruit punch. 

I got lucky that for the first party of the year I worked during the football party and only came down to eat/nurse the baby on my breaks. So I wasn't temped to snack through the boring game. After work I took advantage if my mil having the kids to clean house. 

I sent home nearly an entire tray of mini cinnamon rolls with a friend for his nearly teenager. 

I ate 1 brownie. I LOVE brownies. I only ate 1. I suggested to my mil that we should toss the leftovers but she decided to take them to work. 

After cleaning house for an hour we needed dinner. Fil wanted fast food. Mil and I decided on salads. I drive through jack in the box and got us salads. They forgot the little crunchy things, which is fine because I wasn't going to eat them anyway, while I had calories remaining I was out of sodium. 

 I refilled my big water cup on each break. And drank water on the way home from getting dinner and while eating dinner. 

So even though I ate the normal every day food, I changed my habits by lowering portions.

Oh and I was much less lazy today. I offered to take the trash out and walked one lap around the house.  (It was 28 degrees Fahrenheit, or I would have done more) I did this 2x.  I also didn't hesitate to run up and down the stairs for things either. 

Day 1 was good.