Sunday, June 6, 2010

pretty happy with my day today. should have eaten breakfast when i got up but im not hungry in the morning and we were running late because we slept until 1230! didnt enter all my food as i ate it today, waited until just now and im pleasently surprised to see that i stayed under my goal. brother and sil brought tortilla chips that had cottonseed oil in them so we both chose not to have chips (which was for the better) i dipped my carrot sticks in the guacamole and put some on my burger. with a few bites of potato salad and about a 3rd of my (no cheese) turkeyburger left on the plate, i was full so i stopped eating. its such a simple thing but im proud of that.
we are going to the gym later so i am going to have a leftover turkey burger patty and some watermelon. didnt drink very much water today. did put out water at the bbq in addition to the crystal light and hawaiian punch. i learned that i did not miss the cheese on the burger at all. probably because turkey and cheese dont go as well together as beef and cheese, or ham and cheese etc... soeme things just call for cheese, turkey (and seafood also) just doesnt. good to know!


yay, so happy to see a # i havent seen in a while! (or ever, i wasnt weighing myself as i gained the weight. i let in to tempation at the impromptu bbq at grandmas last night with an extra helping of baked beans (they were so super yummy, i dont usually like baked beans) also cut a creamcheese frosted brownie in half after dinner. thats ok it was just practice for sisters bbq today i can be better! i set my "10lbs down goal" from starting point to get my nails done i didnt get them filled when they needed because money is tight but i want them done, i miss them! im hoping im down to 259 by fathersday weekend and my dads big party that saturday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

ok so i started off the day with a concoction mikey made, he mixed a can of ravioli, can of campbells tomato soup, and a can of minestroni soup, added some milk and cheese. i have no idea about the exact calories but i put ravioli down to make life easier because i figure it was the most calories of the ingredients and over estimated how much i had.i was proud of myself for weighing out the roast beef, i was surprised how much a serving was, i wouldnt have gotten so much normally. having not eaten too much today, i decided to have a full serving though. i was full and didnt eat anything since dinner, havent felt like it.
mikey got sick so we havent been to the gym lately, bums me out. i decided that im going to have him take me even if he doesnt feel like he can work out. he can go to boarderlands or something for an hour.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

couldnt sleep last night until almost 4am then i woke up with a bad headache so slept off and on until almost 4pm. i thought about everything i ate today. mikey went to subway because he didnt want to ask me to cook. got the new summer orchard chicken salad sandwich,
it was really good. i usually only eat half of a footlong, but i was hungry so after waiting a while after the first half, i ate the rest of the footlong. chose baked chips and had an entire bottle of water. still have a headache. will be going to bed soon.